The progress of nations is achieved by self-reliance on investment in science, innovation, and human development. Investment in science, technology, and innovation is essential to economic development and social progress. Existing R & D activities in the field of green technologies, and their combination with nanotechnology and biotechnology in general, will contribute to progress at all levels while maintaining conditions for the protection of the environment and the establishment of healthier and more prosperous societies.

Inspired by the experience of more than 20 years in applied scientific research in Western and Arab countries, we have established this company based on a basic idea of making use of applied and forward-looking research in developing industrial and agricultural security technologies in our states while maintaining the environment for a balanced life.

T4BL Lab team consists of Ph.D. holders and expert Researchers in Material Science, Agriculture, Microbiology, Physics, and Chemistry while our manufacturing center consists of an excellent team of electrical, control, design, and mechanical engineers as well as a team of skilled professionals and workers.

The company’s core idea is divided into three main axes:

  • Applied research leads to new products.
  • Manufacture and installation of production lines and training.
  • Successful investment and marketing partnerships.


The company strives to has outstanding globally standardized capabilities, in the fields of advanced science and technology and make use of their applications in the economic, social, and security development.


We are committed to:

  • Develop environmentally-oriented technological solutions
  • Create a healthy creative work environment for our staff
  • Adding value for our customers.


  • Building a scientific and technological platform at a global level.
  • Derived from our R&D center, the foundation of a modern applied university focusing on scientific and industrial research.
  • Introducing a complete industrial cycle that includes final products and their production lines.
  • Transforming the manufacturing center of production lines to a cross bordered company.