The investment vision of T4BL is to build strategic alliances and cost-effective partnerships around issues of common concern in order to find sustainable, balanced, long-lasting, and effective echo-design solutions.
Rationale: joining forces can produce better output with lower cost and expansion of the businesses in comparison with individuals alone. (outside of a single entity’s capacity, partnerships allow businesses to leverage complementary strengths and customer bases).

Our investment principles
  • Our long-term commitment toward our partners is a highly important and vital ethical issue for us. To maintain this commitment, our mutual business and resources need to be managed and shared in a transparent and equitable manner.
  • keeping partnerships dynamic and long-lasting is one of our smart investment strategic goals.
  • Development of a common and shared vision about the role of each partner to manage effectively our mutual business and to tackle challenges.
  • Our partnerships should be built on the base of complementary expertise among the different parties and mutual respect for each partner’s contributions.
  • Important decisions should be taken with full consultation.
  • Detailed contractual provisions through the implementation of clear agreements.
  • Projects should include a clear definition of targets, governance rules, and arrangements for sharing costs, risks, and results.
  • Establish a clear, predictable and legitimate institutional framework supported by competent and well-resourced authorities
  • Use the budgetary process transparently to minimize fiscal risks and ensure the integrity of the procurement process

Our customized models can match your different needs

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

In this full turnkey model, T4BL takes care of the design, planning, materials procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover of the project to our customers.

EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management)

T4BL takes charge of management services in addition to all the services of the EPC model.

BOO (Build, Own, and Operate)

Choosing a BOO service contract means that you are free to focus on your company’s core activities and are better able to utilize business capital. If your business could benefit from long-term reliability and predictable economics, a BOO service and maintenance agreement could be a great solution for you. With a BOO contract, you are in control of your contract term, anywhere from one to 20 years. Under this model T4BL responsible for designs and builds the infrastructure, finances its construction and owns, operates, and maintains it over the concession period.

BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer)

Although similar to the BOO model, but at the end of the day T4BL will hand the project back over to the Investor.

PPP (Public-Private Partnership)

In this model, T4BL enters into a partnership with the local government to provide innovative technology and expertise, improve service, and facilitate economic growth.

Research (R&D)

from ideation to prototype to full industrial global scaling, we are part of the innovation community

Our company employs a stringent competitive process for R&D projects, where proposals must compete, based on the quality of their scientific content, their industrial relevance and the soundness of their business plan. Efficient knowledge management adopted to minimize the risk of opportunistic behavior and to motivate partners.

We believe that co-invest in the scarce resources such as money, personnel, facility, and information is the shortest way to develop successful science, technology, and innovation-based business. For quick forward toward commercial products, research and innovation efforts should co-financed and carried out jointly. Thus, the different organizational arrangements depend on technological areas and preferences of partners. Our investment partnership in this area could be opened or customized. T4BL is open to sign Cooperative R&D Agreements and partnerships.


Partnership of Co-marketing among companies allows to work on a project together, doing less work for more reward. we are always looking for new ways to get more bang for our products marketing. In the framework of collaboration to open new markets, T4BL is open to all the Sponsorship Marketing Partnership initiatives.

To help make expansion easier based on geographic coverage, T4BL welcome any strategic partnership proposals to get its products into a new market. Such a partner should know the business culture of the area and can facilitate faster, more efficient expansion.

Production lines

T4BL strives to provide outstanding investment opportunities in its different industries production lines to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, funds groups, and individual investors. Leveraging our project management proficiency and depth of industry knowledge, we offer the surest way to deliver sustainable returns to our investors. Creating mutual new startup companies with our partners all over the world based on factories and production lines is one of our strategic lines.

Technology Transfer

choose technology transfer as a career

Technology transfer plays a critical role in transferring outstanding industrial R&D outputs to the market in order to create products that touch our lives every day.

To access the global scale of technology transfer, it is no wonder that T4BL have capabilities in delivering technologies of certain industries production lines, in addition to operation and training, to our clients who are looking for establishing in house industrial manufacturing. In our commercialization strategies, License and Technology Transfer Agreements can be signed to private sector companies or creating new startup companies based on the technology.

Corporate farming partnership

Tackling the global food security challenge, part of our company responsibilities

Corporate farming is the business based on agriculture. It is a modern food industry, which encompasses the use of products for the company itself, and entire chain of agriculture-related business. It is also describing an agricultural operation that involves the production of food and food-related products on an exceptionally large scale.