Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue culture

 A collection of techniques, used to grow plant cells, tissues or organs under sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of known composition to become a full plant with active roots and leaves.


  1. Preparation of suitable nutrient medium
  2. Selection of explant
  3. Sterilization of the explant
  4. Inoculation of explant
  5. Incubation
  6. Transfer of callus (subculture) and regeneration
  7. Hardening or acclimatization
  8. Transfer of plantlets to the field
Seed Potatoes production by Tissue culture and Aeroponics

Potato farmers relay on disease free seed potatoes to achieve high yield production. Otherwise, the yield can be too low to make any profit. the problem lees in that the traditional ways of making seed potatoes does not protect them from viruses and diseases; while the high quality seed potatoes are cultivated through the tissue culture method.
The project is the complete cultivation and production process of high quality virus and disease free seed potatoes through the tissue culture method integrated with highly efficient and safe multiplication Aeroponics cultivation system with our special touch integrating our Nanotechnology knowledge and products in the field of sterilization. We implement locally, satisfy the country’s needs and transfer the technology and the know-how as part of the added value that we offer.