Temiz Çozumler

The thinking heart and soul of our group, our R&D center, where new ideas are generated and dreams are put through the rigorous path of science towards the realm of reality.

Research Areas

Production of New Materials

Nano-materials are cornerstones of nanotechnology and nano-composite materials. Nanostructure science and technology is a broad and interdisciplinary area of research and development activity that has been growing explosively worldwide in the past few years. It has the potential for revolutionizing the ways in which materials and products are created and the range and nature of functionalities that can be accessed. It is already having a significant commercial impact, which will assuredly increase in the future.
In this regard, T4BL has started nano metal and oxides particles project. In a different approach for nano-material production (from top to down), the company developed high energy mills for organic material nano-activation.
Biotech Products

This field aims to produce vital compounds with high commercial value, which are commonly used in helping to solve some health, agricultural, and environmental problems using modern biotechnologies. Bio-technologies mean the optimal investment for any living creatures particularly micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc.) in industrial applications. Our investment in this field will focus on integration between nano-products and bio-products.
Currently, our research and production activities concentrate on:
-Bacterial Bio-pesticides.
-Nano-Bio Tech Products.
-Bio-degradation Products.
-Industrial Enzymes.
Renewable energies
Energy production itself is one of the most important industrial applications of renewable energies. Obtaining them at an acceptable price is the first objective and need for any industrial work. It is no secret that the amount of fossil fuel is constantly decreasing, and that the individual’s need for energy increases day by day. These two things have made thousands of researchers look for alternative and sustainable sources of energy…
At present, the company is focusing on solar energy, both thermal and electric. As well as, on biogas production.
Medical Industries

The Middle East and Africa regions are in dire need of medical devices because of the limited local medical industry, frequent wars, social crises, and lack of expertise and human resources. All these reasons and many others made us try to contribute actively in the biomedical field. Our company has established a production line for medical and laboratory equipments.
Food Security
Food security is the biggest challenge for our world. Today farming professionals face the daunting challenge of keeping current with increasingly rapid changes in equipment technology and agricultural research. For instance, biotechnology is being applied to industrial livestock operations to provide healthier animals and improve breed development, resulting in more meat, eggs, and dairy products to meet consumer demands. Combining our scientific expertise in two advanced fields – biotech and nanotech – to develop the different aspects of plant and animal agriculture is one of our business priorities.
Our projects in this research area include advanced organic fertilizer already in the markets with fully developed production lines, advanced natural forages for various animals, Barley germinating rooms, and many others.