Farmers normally use a large quantity of chemical/synthetic fertilizers to maintain the fertility of the soil. However, this has resulted in a significant negative impact on the environment and human beings as well. The alternative solution is organic fertilizers using animal manure and poultry droppings.

The proposed project applying a technique of milling in nanoscale and conversion of this natural organic fertilizer (animal and poultry manure) to granulated fertilizer identical to chemical fertilizer granules in terms of size and result, but without any negative impact associated with chemical fertilizer industry.

The Concept

The proposed project aims to bring the first in class Nanotechnology to the fertilizer industry. The project aims to manufacture and market a socially responsible alternative to the chemical and imported organic fertilizers in the market. The product is named NOFS (Nano Organic Fertilizers) fertilizer, which is a non-toxic, organic, sustainable, environment-friendly, and economically viable fertilizer and is able to compete with the most advanced chemical and organic fertilizers available in the market.

Competitive Advantage

The NOFS fertilizer is unique in nature. The following are the comparative advantage over other organic and traditional chemical fertilizers available in the market;

The Rationale

  • The product does not yield any harmful waste, and it can be used even in severe environments including chemically damaged soils and deserts.
  • The technology used for the production is an advanced innovative scientific technology with no identified local or global competition. and This technology will create food security
  • Creating an opportunity for a very profitable investment because there is no competitive company for this technology
  • Use almost 100% local sustainable materials for this product and this will develop sustainability in the land and crops while reducing irrigation requirements, application of various types of fertilizers and other input needs
  • Farmers can sell the organic products at a higher price than the non-organic products and thereby enjoy the benefit of extra margin.